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'Who says my son is no more?'

  • Published at 11:26 am March 20th, 2018
  • Last updated at 04:22 pm March 20th, 2018
'Who says my son is no more?'
A bunch of journalists from different media outlets stood in front at a door of an apartment in Sukrabad area of Dhanmondi. An elderly woman opened the door after knocking twice. The well-dressed woman invited the journalists to the drawing room and offered tea. The woman, Rowshan Ara is the mother of Rofiquzzaman Rimu, who died in US-Bangla plane crash in Nepal with his wife and baby. She behaved just like a normal woman, not showing any hint of the tragedy that has befallen her. A photo of Rimu, his wife Bipasha, and their only son Anirruddha, was hanging on the wall of the room. Rowshan Ara stared at the photo for a while, and started speaking: “Rimu is no more. He is not in front us. But, who says Rimu is no more? No one was killed.” Pointing at Rimu’s photo she continued: “Do you see that photo? Look, my son Rimu is watching over me. He is talking to me. He is asking me, how am I? Why am I not smiling? What happened?” There was a pin drop silence at the room. Everyone was speechless. After a while, Roshwan broke the heavy silence: “Why did it happen to me? Rimu’s father left me long back, now Rimu, my daughter-in-law Bipasha and my little grandson has also left me. “But Why? I still have lots of things to talk about with Rimu, but I could not say anything. I could not even utter my last words to him. I could not say anything to my little grandson Anirruddha.” A few days ago, Rowshan Ara bought jewellery for her daughter-in-law Bipasha, but the gift will remain undelivered for eternity. With tears in her eyes, Rowshan Ara continued: “I could not gift Bipasha the jewellery which I bought for her. Why did they have to go to Nepal? “Who will now remind me to take my medicine on time? Who will ask me- amma (mother) did you take your medicine?” asked Rowshan Ara. As she pointed on the television screen, she said: “Now my son and daughter-in-law will be shown on TV.” At that time, a private television channel was live telecasting the namaz-e-janaza of the deceased plane crash victims from the Army Stadium in Dhaka. Rimu’s younger brother Riazuzzaman expressed his emotion with heavy voice. Speaking to the correspondent, he said: “I have talked with bhaia (brother) for the last time before their journey. He asked the whole family to join them. He told me that we will all enjoy the trip.” Rimu’s elder sister Jhumu told the Dhaka Tribune: “What should I say or what can I say? Everything has fallen apart. We have nothing but memories left. “Who will ask me to gift chocolate now?,” Jhumu said while talking about Anirruddha, as tears started filling her eyes.