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'I felt like I got my life back'

  • Published at 01:23 pm March 20th, 2018
  • Last updated at 04:21 pm March 20th, 2018
'I felt like I got my life back'
The survivors of the US-Bangla plane crash all agree that each of them is extremely lucky to be alive. Shahin Bepari, one of the 10 Bangladeshi survivors, is in critical condition with 32% burns to his body. He was brought back home on Sunday and had skin grafting a day later. He has a clothes business in Dhaka and is a resident of Narayanganj. He is the only bread earner in his family. His 12-year-old daughter Suchona is a grade V student. Shahin’s younger brother Shahdat Hossain told Dhaka Tribune: “He loves to travel. He used to travel a lot in the country. He was a migrant worker in Malaysia and South Korea before he came back and started a clothing business. “We are happy that my brother is alive. He is the eldest of the two of us and we also have four sisters. We do not know the exact parameters of his ongoing treatment, and if needed, we can take him abroad for better treatment. "We just want him to get well soon. He is the only earning member of his family, and they need his support.”

“If my son-in-law Mehedi had not saved her, she might have died on the spot”

Another survivor Sayeda Kamrunnahar Sharna took her MBBS exam a few days ago. She was going to visit Nepal with her husband Mehedi Hassan and relatives FH Priok, Almun Nahar Annie, and their daughter Priyonmoyee. Her mother Salma Hossin said at the hospital: “When I heard about the plane crash I could not hold myself back. I cannot describe what the state of my mind was. My only thought was that I have to go to my daughter to see her and save her. I went to Nepal by US-Bangla Airlines the very next day. “When I heard about the news of the others’ deaths I was extremely upset. I wanted to but could not get myself to believe that I would see my daughter alive. It is a miracle that she is alive even though she is grievously injured, thanks to Allah.” Wiping her tears, she said: “If my son-in-law Mehedi had not saved her, she might have died on the spot.” When asked how Mehedi saved his wife, Salma Hossain described what she learned from her daughter: “When the plane crashed, they could not find the door to get out. During the crash, small holes formed because of a large crack in the plane and Mehedi came out through one of them. "He was heavily disoriented because of a head injury but soon noticed that there were people alive inside the plane. Despite thick black smoke filling the plane, with a herculean effort he pulled Sharna out. Sadly, Mehedi could not recover his cousin Priok or his daughter as he could not see due to the smoke, and they perished. “Surely they were being watched over by a higher power, so my daughter returned alive along with her husband. “Doctors told us that both my daughter and her husband are now out of danger." “I got my life back” Another survivor Sheikh Rashed Rubayet is now being treated at the Red unit of DMCH. He was brought in on Saturday and is the only son of his family. Rubayet is an executive officer for the international division of Bank Asia. His wife Sayeda Jahan works at Pubali Bank. They have a 10-month-old daughter. Saeyda broke down in tears and said, “My husband has developed lung problem due to heavy smoke inhalation after the crash. Moreover, one of his ribs and one of his legs have fractured.” Rubayet, being one of the few survivors able to speak, said he woke up to find his left leg plastered. He said: “I am alive thanks to the almighty. After I came back and saw my whole family, I felt like I got my life back. Now I feel better and I think I will recover soon.”