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This world... This incredibly beautiful world

  • Published at 12:05 pm March 8th, 2018
  • Last updated at 05:38 pm March 8th, 2018
This world... This incredibly beautiful world
I am lying in the operation theatre, there is a bright light right over my head. There are doctors, nurses and many others around me. Many of them are crying. While driving the people out of the theatre, the doctors and nurses told me: “We will have to give you general anaesthesia to find out how critical your injuries are and to stop the bleeding.” I did not lose consciousness for once. When I felt like I would lose consciousness, I stayed awake gritting my teeth. Somehow I felt that I will not make it back if I get lost in the darkness even for once. Like an obstinate person, I told the doctor: “No. Do not give me general anaesthesia. Do whatever you need to like this only.” The doctor said: “It will hurt.” I said: “Let it hurt.” The doctor said: “You will lose consciousness eventually from the pain.” By the time, I was given blood and saline through my limbs, along with those, they gave me something else, and before I could understand, I lost my senses. At a moment, I opened my eyes and saw darkness through a blurry view. I could hear someone telling me something from up-close, but did not understand. When I looked properly, I saw it was our Education Minister. I call him Nahid bhai. I tried to understand what he was saying, he was giving me courage. I heard him say that the prime minister has sent a helicopter to take me to Dhaka. I am hanging between consciousness and unconsciousness. Suddenly, I realized that I was being taken somewhere on a stretcher. I was lifted up somewhere, there were people in military uniforms around me. Some of my younger colleagues were also there. In the blurred out darkness, I heard the roar of the helicopter’s engine. The sound of that roar increased– it must be in the air now. I do not know whether I am asleep or awake. Many were sitting in the blurred dark, the engine roared away enveloping everything. We kept going and going. It felt like we have crossed miles and miles. Suddenly, the sound of the engine stopped. We must have reached Dhaka. People are running around. I was taken down from the helicopter and laid down in a trolley or stretcher. Above me, there is an open sky, in which there is a full moon. What a beautiful sight! I looked at the moon like I was starving! Is the world really this incredibly beautiful? Will God let me see this incredibly beautiful world for a few more days? This article was first published on banglatribune.com