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Bangladesh military 57th most-powerful in the world

  • Published at 09:57 am March 6th, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:14 pm March 6th, 2018
Bangladesh military 57th most-powerful in the world
Bangladesh has been ranked the 57th most powerful military power in the world in the Global Fire Power Index 2017. According to the index, the US ranked first, followed by Russia, China, and India, while Pakistan ranked 13th and Myanmar ranked 31st in the list of 133 countries. France, Germany, UK, Japan and Israel were also among the top 15 countries. The report enables a comparison between the militaries of Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, and India, while overlooking the strategic forces of any country such as nuclear weapons. Bangladesh’s defence budget of $1.59bn is dwarfed by the $161.7bn spent annually by China and the $51bn of India. Pakistan’s budget of $7bn and Myanmar’s of $2.4bn were closer to home. According to the index, Bangladesh has an active military of 160,000 personnel. By comparison, China has 3,712,500, India has 1,362,500 and Pakistan has 637,000 military personnel. The Bangladesh Air Force has 166 aircraft, consisting of 45 fighters, 45 attack aircraft, and 76 transport, training aircraft and helicopters. China has 2,955 aircraft, India has 2,102, Pakistan has 951, and Myanmar has 249. According to the report, the Bangladesh Army has a total of 534 combat tanks, 942 armoured fighting vehicles, 18 self-propelled artillery guns, and 32 rocket projectors. China owns a total of 6,457 combat tanks while India has 4,426 and Pakistan has 2,924. The report also says Bangladesh has a total of 89 Naval assets. The country owns six frigates, four corvettes, 28 patrol craft and five mine warfare vessels, but has no aircraft carriers, destroyers or submarines.