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Newborn Rohingya child named after Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

  • Published at 08:50 pm September 21st, 2017
  • Last updated at 10:05 pm September 21st, 2017
Newborn Rohingya child named after Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina
A Rohingya woman, who has taken shelter at a refugee camp in Bangladesh, has named her infant girl Sheikh Hasina after the Bangladesh prime minister, according to India Today. Khadija, 20, left Myanmar’s Rakhine state after her husband was brutally killed in the violence that has engulfed the region. The young woman was eight-months pregnant when she crossed the border with her mother by her side. At the refugee camp, she shared her tale of horror with India Today. Khadija said: “All of Rakhine district is burning. My home was burnt. I ran from Myanmar alive and struggled to keep alive with a baby in my womb.
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“I crossed the border to come to Bangladesh. I gave birth to an infant girl here and named her Sheikh Hasina. I have lost my husband in the attacks.” The many refugee camps in Bangladesh are housing 80,000 expecting mothers, Khadija among them. Her mother and daughter are the only surviving members in a family of more than six till last week. Alum Bahar, Khadija's mother, said: “She [the prime minister] has given us hope of a new life and we now expect some peace in our lives.” Though Bahar lost her husband, Nuruddin, and Khadija’s husband Fakhruddin was murdered in front of her, the women remain hopeful in the belief that they are still alive.