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Dadu's sari and zero makeup: Bride takes social media by storm

  • Published at 10:27 am August 11th, 2017
  • Last updated at 01:15 pm August 11th, 2017

When Tasnim Jara posted a picture of hers at her wedding, she received an overwhelming response on Facebook. The newlywed commenced her post with “I walked into my wedding reception wearing grandmother’s white cotton sari with zero makeup and no jewellery. Many asked me why. So here is my reason,” and goes on to explaining her reasons. In her post, Tasnim describes the singular image of a bride that our society has which leads to a huge pressure to succumb to the pressure. She further points out the lack of connection between lavish image of the bride and her financial wellbeing or agency in her family. Her core message is that there should not be any standard in terms of appearance to be accepted as a bride in our society. In the process, she mentions, the backlash she faced from certain members of her family who said that they wouldn't take any photo with her because of her non conformance to their standards. However, Tasnim expresses her gratitude to those who encouraged her: “Shoutout to the few family members who have supported me in this, and special shoutout to this person beside me, Khaled, who has not only supported me unconditionally but also beamed at me with so much pride, for taking a stance against the stereotypes.” Tasnim clarifies that she is not against anyone's choice of using make-up, clothes or expensive jewellery. But losing agency in deciding what a bride would like to wear on her wedding day is what she finds problematic. The post currently has over 15,000 shares and has stirred a social media discourse on beauty norms at weddings. Tasnim Jara runs a non-profit organisation named Aroggo. It is the first healthcare crowdfunding platform in Bangladesh working to make medical care accessible to the poor. Aroggo's mission is to make healthcare accessible to the poor by connecting needy patients with people who are able and willing to donate small and big amounts of money to fund their treatment.