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4 Magura roads still bear razakar names

  • Published at 12:49 am February 4th, 2017
  • Last updated at 12:51 am February 4th, 2017
4 Magura roads still bear razakar names
On December 6, the HC ordered to demolish all nameplates bearing razakars’ name within 60 days. Such irresponsibility on part of the administration has raised concern among the conscious people of the district as they wonder how these nameplates still exist even after the HC ordered to remove those. According to a local government list, out of 32 such roads in the country, four Magura roads are named after razakars. They are Habibur Rahman, Wazed Ali Khan, Mokhlesur Rahman and Chand Ali Shikderr. Habibur was the chairman of Magura subdivision peace committee during the liberation war while Wazed Ali was the vice-chairman and Mokhlesur a member. Chand Ali Shikder of Binodpur village under Magura was also a notorious razakar. But roads have been named after these persons who stood against the spirit of liberation war. Habibur Rahman road stretches from Chourongi Square to Notun Bazar in Magura town while Mokhlesur Rahman road from Chourongi Square to Vina Square. Wazed Ali Khan road emerges from Abalpur area of Magura municipality while Chand Ali Biswas road in Binodpur village of Magura district. Muktijoddha Shangshad Magura unit Commander Molla Nobuat Ali told the Dhaka Tribune: “We can pay tribute to the liberation war martyrs naming our roads after their name. But unfortunately four roads have been named in Magura by Razakers’ name.” “This is painful to the departed souls of the liberation war martyrs. We have been demanding to remove those four nameplates since years. But our call fell into deaf ears,” he added. Udichi Magura unit President Bikash Kumar Mojumder said: “Those who stood against our liberation war have been honoured. We cannot not imagine how these nameplates still exist even after the HC ordered to demolish those, even after 46 years of our liberation. Contacted, Magura’s Additional Deputy Commissioner Azmul Hoque said I am not informed about this matter. However, I shall take immediate action in this regard.