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Hanif to BNP: Take lesson from US election

  • Published at 04:12 pm November 10th, 2016
  • Last updated at 05:27 pm November 10th, 2016
Hanif to BNP: Take lesson from US election
The Awami League Joint General Secretary has called on political rivals BNP to take a lesson from the US election, which saw Donald Trump ride a populist wave to power on November 8. The Awami League leader was speaking at a meeting at the Dhanmondi party office on Thursday afternoon. "People’s support is the ultimate matter; they are the source of all kinds of power," Hanif said. "(But) BNP always resorts to conspiracy wherever an election takes place." Hanif said the opposition party has never put its faith in the judgment of people as it is always busy in "hatching conspiracy". Terming it as a party without ethics, Hanif said BNP can change their decision for their own interest.