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BGB chief: India must take special responsibility to stop border killings

  • Published at 02:55 pm October 7th, 2016
  • Last updated at 06:22 pm October 7th, 2016
BGB chief: India must take special responsibility to stop border killings
India has to take special responsibility in stopping the killings at Indo-Bangla border, since most of it happens due to cattle smuggling, which arrive from the interior of that country, said BGB Director General Maj Gen Aziz Ahmed. The BGB DG made the statement at a press briefing on Friday after returning from a 5-day BGB-BSF conference in New Delhi. He said: “95% of the killings are related to cattle smuggling. If the smuggling is brought under control, the number will go down.” “When BSF shoot at Bangladeshis, even with non-lethal weapons, they target the head, stomach and chest, which cause fatal injuries. But when we shoot, even with lethal weapons, the number of death is less, because we target below the waist. So, we requested BSF, when they are defending themselves, they should shoot below the waist,” he added.
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Aziz also said BGB had given BSF a list of over 1,200 criminal suspects, and BSF could either arrest or hand them over to BGB. "This year, so far, a total of 22 out of 26 slain Bangladeshis in frontier areas were shot by BSF,” he said. According to Aziz, both the countries reached a mutual agreement for stopping the border killings. Reflecting on the increasing yaba smuggling into Bangladesh from India, Aziz had requested BSF to look into whether the drugs were originating there or elsewhere. BSF, in turn, asked BGB to take necessary steps for repatriation of the detained Bangladeshis in India, who had been arrested in connection with various crimes. BGB assured its counterpart that the ministries concerned would be notified, and they would take care of the matter.