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Shoals of Ilish bring smile to Meghna fishermen

  • Published at 06:05 pm September 21st, 2016
  • Last updated at 12:46 am September 22nd, 2016
Shoals of Ilish bring smile to Meghna fishermen
Fishermen of Noakhali are pocketing good profits, as Ilish are being netted in abundant number in the Meghna River. A beam of satisfaction is seen in the faces of thousands of fishermen and they are passing busy time with happy mood. Traders as well as fishermen remain busy round the clock in unloading the delicious fish from boats and supplying those to wholesale markets across Bangladesh. Motirhat Ghat located in Kamalnagar upazila of Chandpur, is a hub for Ilish tradding in the district. Local sources said traders from about 40 districts across the country come to the market and buy fishes from there. Traders said the price of Ilish was lower this season compared to the previous years for  plentiful supply of the fish at different markets of the district. Ilish is being sold at a cheaper rate than previous years in Mojuchowdhuryhat of Sadar upazila, Motirhat, Battirhat, Kotria and Ludhua-Falkan of Kamalnagar upazila, Ramgati Ghat, Tankir Ghat, Alexander Centre Khal (Canal) of Ramgati upazila, Charbangshi and Char Ababil of Raipur, said the sources. Four Ilish weighing around 500 grams each are sold for Tk500 to Tk600 while four Ilish weighing around 1kg are sold at Tk1,500 to Tk2,500, they said. Moreover, one kilogram of Ilish fry is being sold at Tk130 to Tk160. The same scenario is seen at 10 more fishing markets located in Lakshmipur Sadar, Kamalnagar and Ramgati upzilas. Apart from these markets, the delicious Ilish is sold at some 30 fishery ghats along 100 kilomitres bank of the Meghna River. According to government’s data, there are 36,700 fishermen who catch fishes in Meghna River, but the local fishermen claim that the number will be about 60,000. While talking to this reporter, a fisherman Forkan Ali of Mojochowdhuryhat ghat said: “Now, Meghna River is full with Ilish and if it goes all the year round, we will not have to face poverty.” Trader of the area Harun said: “Some 80 Ilish comprising small and big sizes are being sold at Tk50,000 to Tk60,000. “If fishermen can net Ilish such a way, they will make profit this year after repaying debts of last year.” Lakshmipur district’s fisheries department said this year’s Ilishes are bigger than those of previous years and it has happened due to government’s step to prevent Ilish fry catching.