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Tailback on Dhaka-Tangail Highway

  • Published at 02:46 am September 8th, 2016
  • Last updated at 02:32 pm September 8th, 2016
Tailback on Dhaka-Tangail Highway
Traffic began to increase from Tuesday on both sides of the highway. The sluggish pace is due to the closure of Paturia Daulatdia ferry services, according to sources. Police Superintendent of Tangail Md Mahbub Alam told the Dhaka Tribune: “There is a surge in trucks carrying cattle for Eid, and the ferry being shut down at Daulatdia has led to the excessive traffic on the highway. Hence cars, buses and trucks have turned to the Dhaka-Tangail highway.” “While 12,000 vehicles crossed the Bangabandhu bridge on Monday, over 20,000 vehicles have crossed it on Tuesday. The two-lane highway is facing difficulty accommodating this heavy traffic.” He said that as per the orders of the inspector general of police, the highway had been divided into four areas and being supervised by four ASPs leading a total of 750 police officers in three shifts to coordinate traffic and ensure swift passage. He added that manpower had doubled since last Eid and that 40 motorcycle teams would be on active duty. Furthermore, watchtowers had been built in Pakulla Mor, Rabna bypass area, Elenga, and near Mirzapur Cadet College. The police force was doing its best to reduce traffic, SP Mahbub said. “Sometimes traffic congestion is caused by trucks without a fitness certificate that break down and clog the highway. We have two police wreckers on active duty and another on stand-by to take care of these nuisances. But if the traffic intensifies, there are plans to bypass the traffic via Mymensingh,” the SP added.