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Railway station remains closed eight years

  • Published at 08:11 pm August 18th, 2016
  • Last updated at 10:15 am August 19th, 2016

When the station was visited on Sunday, it was found that the corridor was covered with grass and few dogs were sleeping there.

There is also another station named Nilganj Railway Station has been lying inoperative for three years

The station has turned into toilet as passengers leave urine and stool here and there.

Locals said commuters are suffering as the two rail-away stations as it remained in dire state.

They also said the government became benefited if the stations could be operated.

Borhanuddin of Jashodal and Khairul Islam of Nilganj said the stations were operated well once upon a time.

But now there is no service and the stations became lifeless.

If a passenger wants to book his luggage, he has to go to Gochihata Station.

The passengers are bound to get on the train without ticket. Sometimes they are harassed by the ticket checker.

Mymensingh bound passengers suffer more as they have to get on the train hurriedly as the trains of the route touch the station for a short time.

Sometimes, the passengers face accident when they try to get on the train hurriedly.

On the other-hand, the passengers who go to Bhairab and Dhaka, have to get down at Gochihata to take ticket. It is very hazardous situation for them.

Sometimes, many passengers miss the train after getting down for the ticket.

Kishoreganj Railway Station Master Sarfutul said there were a clerk and a peon at Jashodal station. They had been withdrawn eight years before.

As there was no staff, the activities of station had remained closed for eight years.

He said the situation of Nilganj was same. Due to lack of manpower, the activities of the station remained stop.