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Report: Tahmid's family writes to Trudeau for help

  • Published at 04:50 pm July 12th, 2016
  • Last updated at 04:52 pm July 12th, 2016
Report: Tahmid's family writes to Trudeau for help
The family of University of Toronto student Tahmid Hasib Khan, who has been missing since his detention by security forces after the Dhaka terror attack, has sought Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's intervention. Tahmid, 22, was taken into custody following an attack at an upscale cafe in Dhaka on July 1. His family says they lost contact with him after that. Talha Khan, brother of Tahmid, said the family was very concerned and the worry was taking its toll. He said his father has been hospitalised with chest pains in Dhaka, while his mother has suffered an emotional breakdown. "We want to know why he is being held, as a witness, or as a suspect," Talha said. "We know he is in Dhaka but where exactly we don't know." Police earlier indicated Tahmid as a suspect but later named him as a rescued hostage. They said he was released after debriefing. Tahmid came to Dhaka to celebrate Eid with his family. He was at Holey Artisan Bakery to meet two of his friends when terrorists stormed in and killed 20 hostages. Tahmid was detained immediately after the attack. "He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Talha said. “Nothing in his life points towards any sort of extremism."