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Taleya: Shafik met Lustyik

  • Published at 07:24 pm April 25th, 2016
  • Last updated at 07:41 pm April 26th, 2016

Shafik Rehman knew about the alleged secret deal with Robert Lustyik and he also met the former FBI special agent in the US, the arrested journalist's wife Taleya Rehman has said. Addressing a press conference yesterday, she also admitted that the police have seized documents from their Eskaton home. "As an investigative journalist, Shafik Rehman collects information to write an article. For the same reason, he went to the United States to meet with FBI agent Lustyik,” said Taleya, the chief of NGO Democracywatch. Talking to reporters at her own home, she said Shafik kept all information regarding his investigative articles organised. “It is true that documents were found,” Taleya said, adding that information regarding Lustyik was also in Shafik's collection and was handed over to the police by the former Jaijaidin editor. On April 16, Shafik was arrested from his residence in Dhaka. Following his arrest, police claimed that the BNP-leaning journalist met with three people in the US on January 29, 2012, to plot the abduction and murder of Joy. Replying to a question about financial transaction with Lustyik, Rehman's wife said: "He [Shafik] did not give any money, but he knew the news of the transaction." Explaining the activities of her husband, Taleya said: "The information exchanged was about a special person. He [Shafik] must have gone to America because he knew. I found about it later.” The meeting between Shafik and Lustyik probably took place in 2012, she said. “Information has been provided [by Shafik to detectives]. Those information did not contain anything about murder or abduction. He [Shafik] gave information on the data passed on by Lustyik. I do not know anything more,” Taleya said. Claiming that her husband always collects evidence before reporting any story, she said: “He did not write a story in this case. It means there was not enough information to write [a story].” She also criticised the “false statuses” posted by prime minister's son Sajeeb Wazed Joy on Facebook. Such activities were “defaming” Shafiq Rehman and “influencing” the investigation, Taleya said. She also expressed concern that Shafik might be tortured and coerced into giving a false confession in remand. Taleya also read out the written verdict by a US court in this connection, saying that court had dismissed charges of murder-kidnapping in a bribery case. JaSaS vice-president's son Rizve Ahmed Caesar, Lustyik and his friend Thaler are currently serving jail sentences in the US in connection with the bribery scheme to dig up confidential information about Joy.