• Saturday, Jul 21, 2018
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Think global, buy local

Abdul Baten

Tue, Oct 24 2017

Local brands are finally getting some spotlight

Skills make it happen

Abdul Baten

Mon, Sep 25 2017

Without the right skills, we’ll get left behind

One click away

Abdul Baten

Fri, Aug 11 2017

The future of business is digital

In the land of sand and money

Abdul Baten

Sun, Sep 25 2016

Saudia Arabia lifting its ban on Bangladeshi workers is good news, but it is only the beginning

Don’t lose faith in our young ones

Abdul Baten

Sun, Sep 4 2016

How can we understand the youth if we don’t spend any time with them?

Take some responsibility


Wed, Aug 10 2016

We, the citizens, need to do our part to fix this country