• Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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BMW X3 launched in Dhaka

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Fri, Mar 9 2018

The newest addition to the BMW X family combines rugged off-road looks with a sporty presence

Owner abandons illegal Porsche SUV for...

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Mon, Apr 10 2017

The owner of the luxury SUV left an anonymous note for the Customs officials, saying he or she regretted...

Dynamic from all angles

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Tue, Dec 20 2016

A grand performer on all terrain: The stylish BMW X1 meets the dynamics and athleticism of an urban...

Cars or Obsession?

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Fri, Dec 9 2016

Perspective of a car lover

Fusion of the Fords

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Tue, Nov 15 2016

The Ford GT and the Mustang, both iconic cars rolling out of the American automotive giant’s production...

Magic of Automatic: The Torque...

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Tue, Nov 8 2016

What does an automatic transmission use instead of a clutch?

RAV4 goes Rallying

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Tue, Oct 18 2016

As completely unrelated things go, RAV4 and rally crossing could be hard put to match. A look at Toyota’s...

The 5er with a new look

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Tue, Oct 18 2016

The all new 2017 BMW 5 Series with is refreshingly revolting

The bold and the beautiful

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Tue, Oct 11 2016

The 2014 Mazda Axela makes us fall in love all over again for being fun, super efficient and drop-dead...

The Lexus GS F: The Aspiring Super...

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Tue, Sep 27 2016

The Toyota luxury brand is setting up its own playground with its own rules; sticking a thumb at the...

The family formula

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Tue, Sep 20 2016

If you’re big on family outings, then look no further because the brand new 2016 Toyota Avanza has a...

The dawn of the SUVs

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Mon, Sep 5 2016

What further proof do we need to assert that SUVs are here to stay, with chances higher than the Maserati...

Fast forward to the past

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Tue, Aug 30 2016

An oldie but goodie gets a sleek update

Why do people still love old cars?

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Tue, Aug 16 2016

In most cases, old cars are rubbish. As James May once said, if they were any good, they’d still be made...

The inevitable revamp

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Tue, Aug 2 2016

BMW 1-Series is no longer a hatchback, it's a saloon now

The long con of the short lived

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Tue, Jul 19 2016

Twentieth Century Motor Car Company; a company that went on to pull off one of the most bizarre automotive...

In quest for greener cars

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Sat, Jul 2 2016

Have you ever noticed the freakish attires that ramp models put on during the prestigious summer fashion...

Diesel power for the win

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Tue, Jun 21 2016

Diesel-powered cars normally struggle to compete with their petrol-powered counterparts when it comes...

The two-wheel scrambler

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Wed, Jun 15 2016

A dual-headlight mean scooter from ZNEN has us raiding the piggybank

SsangYong Motors' day long road...


Thu, Feb 18 2016

Millennium SsangYong Motors Ltd (MSML) is the authorised sole distributor of Ssangyong vehicles in Bangladesh...

SsangYong Tivoli introduced by...


Mon, Dec 28 2015

Millennium SsangYong Motors Ltd has launched Tivoli, a new model of SsangYong in Bangladesh on December...