• Friday, Aug 17, 2018
  • Last Update : 11:47 am

Learning history in a digital...


Wed, Aug 15 2018

Software developers should be encouraged and given incentives to develop applications which further enhance...

The day we lost the Father of the...


Tue, Aug 14 2018

Bangabandhu galvanized a people with his statesmanship, his oratory, his courage, his leadership, and...

Cashing the digital check


Mon, Aug 13 2018

One way digitization has been a boon to the people of Bangladesh is by allowing digital banking to spread...

Science education for the future


Sun, Aug 12 2018

Bangladesh’s education sector has often lacked focus, especially on science and technology

None will be spared


Sat, Aug 11 2018

Many of these attacks have been caught on camera, showing the faces of those who carried out the assaults...

Room to raise your voice


Fri, Aug 10 2018

Laws such as these contribute to a distancing between the governing and the governed

No place for custodial abuse


Thu, Aug 9 2018

Every single person, whatever their level of prominence of social status, has the right to due process...

Action, not words


Wed, Aug 8 2018

This inaction is what perpetuates a culture of impunity, and we do not wish for that to happen this...

Please let the press do its duty


Tue, Aug 7 2018

The press cannot play this role if journalists are constantly under attack

Listening to the people


Mon, Aug 6 2018

The number of lives lost in Bangladesh to road accidents every year is absolutely staggering

An attack on freedom


Sun, Aug 5 2018

There must be zero tolerance for those who commit physical violence, on journalists or otherwise

A time for calm


Sat, Aug 4 2018

Getting off the streets and letting life go back to normal in no way means we are letting the government...

We are all on the same side


Fri, Aug 3 2018

The students have made a display of admirable civil action. But it is important not to stray into vigilante...

What our roads should look like


Thu, Aug 2 2018

This speaks volumes about the state of the administration in major cities

Following Mayor Annisul Huq’s...


Wed, Aug 1 2018

What makes the situation especially egregious is that these deaths could have been prevented

In good faith


Tue, Jul 31 2018

The Election Commission has a sacred responsibility of carrying out free, fair, and credible polls

Unlocking Dhaka’s potential


Sun, Jul 29 2018

When it comes to transport infrastructure, implementation is key

Militancy will never win


Sat, Jul 28 2018

It is commendable that the government has not only put in the efforts to eliminate terror, but also to...

Getting tough on grabbers and...


Fri, Jul 27 2018

Saving our rivers is a more important goal that short-term profit, or petty political interests

To educate and enlighten


Thu, Jul 26 2018

The Education Ministry deserves praise for stopping the problem of question paper leaks this year

Wading through the water


Wed, Jul 25 2018

The problem of water-logging should be made a priority for the government