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Differently-abled woman teams up with blind man for hiking adventures

  • Published at 12:19 pm July 19th, 2019
WEB_Differently-abled woman teams up with blind man
Trevor Hahn and Melanie Knecht | Instagram

Melanie Knecht and Trevor Hahn are showing the world the meaning of teamwork

A woman who cannot walk has paired up with a blind man for hiking adventures.

Melanie Knecht was born with Spina bifida and uses a wheelchair to get around, and Trevor Hahn lost his eyesight due to glaucoma five years ago, reports ABC News' Good Morning America (GMA).

According to the program, they both live in Fort Collins, Colorado, and have worked together to navigate the Colorado mountains and trails ever since meeting at an adaptive exercise class.

During their treks, Hahn carries Knecht in a secure harness on his back, and Knecht gives verbal directions to guide him along the trail.

The pair documents their adventures on social media via Instagram.

On their profile, Knecht and Hahn describe their hikes as “a journey of purpose between two friends, one who cannot see and one who cannot walk.”

Hahn told KDVR channel that he continued to hike and climb mountains after he lost his eyesight, relying on adaptive techniques like following the sound of a bell.

“But it did not really give me a purpose. Like, I was just following this bell,” he said. “It would be really cool if I could have a purpose on the trail.”

After hiking with Knecht, Hahn now feels like he has found it.

“It made me so happy to help someone experience what I have been able to experience my whole life,” he told GMA.

“Just getting on top of a mountain, a car cannot get to it, you just feel that sense of accomplishment. The best part is being able to make her smile. That gives me purpose,” he said.

For Knecht, the best part of their hikes is being able to leave her wheelchair behind.

“I have been in a wheelchair my whole life. It is an amazing feeling to leave it literally miles behind on the trail,” Knecht said.