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Australian child claims to be reincarnation of Princess Diana

  • Published at 02:34 pm July 16th, 2019
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File photo of Princess Diana Reuters

The child can accurately recount the details of the princess's life

Australian TV presenter David Campbell has claimed that his four-year-old son Billy is the reincarnation of the late Princess Diana.

The child claims to remember details from her life. “We did a test and he got it right,” Campbell said, reports the Daily Mirror.

The 45-year-old recounted the chilling tale in a column for Stellar Magazine on Sunday. Campbell later said that it was the strongest column he had ever written.

David explained that he and his wife Lisa have “tested” their son's apparent knowledge of Diana's life with incredible results, reports the Daily Mail.

David is a father of three. The other two are Leo, 9, and Betty, 4.

Reportedly, Billy first started talking about the famous royal at the two years of age. 

Someone gave David's wife, Lisa, a card with Princess Diana on it, and the toddler pointed to the image and exclaimed: "Look, it's me when I was a princess."

The child also started to talk about his two “boys” according to David. "When asked what boys, he would say his sons."

Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles between 1981 and 1996 and they had two sons, just as Billy correctly described.

He also managed to accurately describe what Balmoral, the Queen's favourite residence, looked like without ever having seen it for himself.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was tragically killed in a car accident in Paris on August 31 in 1997.