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Pakistan’s anti-drugs task force is setting the internet aflame

  • Published at 09:03 pm October 28th, 2018
A female member of the Pakistan Anti-Narcotics Force poses for the camera | Twitter

The more you ignore it, the cooler you look

These aren’t cheesy film posters, or we don’t know man, this is from Pakistan! They keep doing ridiculous things to write articles about.

Meet the ladies from the Pakistani Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF). An inflamed group of hot-blooded women who brandish the burning sword of justice to sanctify their land. Sorry about the really bad fire puns.

The ANF seized around 400kilos of illegal substances (read hashish, heroin, cocaine, liquor, or whatever they sniff in Pakistan) on October 23.

It was a huge bust, no disputing that fact. And the team decided to celebrate their big win in a blaze of glory (we’re sorry, that’s the last one, we promise).

Take a long, hard look at these photos.

A confident woman in a uniform grips a rifle and stands albeit relaxed against a backdrop of inferno. Her reflective knock-off Raybans is the final touch of bravado on her impassive face. Her hair is concealed by a brown hijab tucked beneath her beret – all the while the drugs burn in the background.

In other photos, the ladies pose for group photos.

In one, a woman extends a selfie stick to get a proper shot.

The photos, once they got on the internet, of course divided the audience in the usual groups.

Many users praised the “badass” demeanour of women, throwing out the trope of the docile, marginalized Pakistani woman.

But there was the usual gab of “ridiculous PR stunts that make the country look bad.”

We’re not judging. This looks dope.

Also, fun fact, Andy Samberg’s Lonely Island performed a song that really captures the essence of this story.

We’ll leave you with that.