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Gay penguins welcome first baby

  • Published at 06:55 pm October 27th, 2018
Baby Chick
Sphen and Magic's baby chick Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

The penguins captured hearts everywhere after being given their very own egg to foster

A same-sex penguin couple became parents after their foster egg hatched, reports BBC.

The gay couple at the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium showed their absolute natural parental skills when they were given an egg to incubate together.

They have become the aquarium’s first pair of dads.

At first, they were given a dummy egg to take care of. Once the lovebirds showed exceptional commitment to the egg, the aquarium staff took an egg from another couple that had two, and gave it to them. 

Like most penguin couples, the penguins shared their parenting duties daily. While one penguin incubated the egg, the other patrolled the perimeters of the nest to ward off danger.

The penguins called Spehn and Magic became close during breeding session and started to collect pebbles together to create a nest.  

The chick named Sphengic – a portmanteau of its parents’ names - was born on October 19.

Same-sex pairings, often argued as a cultural phenomenon exclusively among humans, has frequently been noticed in other animal species. The behaviour displayed by the penguins throws the arguments out in the wind. 

Homosexuality itself is a controversial topic, with civil rights movements in countries all over the world campaigning for it. Only in September 2018, India decriminalized gay sex in a landmark verdict.