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Go get yourself a cup of coffee, because it’s International Coffee Day

  • Published at 10:00 am October 1st, 2018
Happy international coffee day
Happy international coffee day | Pexels

We can only hope that coffee shops provide discounts today

Attention! Unless the morning coffee has not hit you yet, it is International Coffee Day.

Let us remind you how important coffee is to all of us.

It does not matter if you prefer a shot of strong espresso or a cup of iced latte, coffee plays a positive role in kickstarting our moods and keeping the body active. Not to mention, caffeine gives us the boost to start the day.

With the growing popularity of coffee shops in Bangladesh, coffee is everywhere from early in the morning to a hanging out with friends in the evening. 

From corporate meetings to a date, reading a book to late-night work, coffee is the constant partner. 

So, to show your love for coffee, why not get yourself a cup of coffee with your favourite cookies?