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Himalayan monks hunker down for a rough winter

  • Published at 10:00 pm August 9th, 2018
Monks at Himalayas

These Buddhist monks are not just praying, they are gearing up to fight the cold

Harsh winter is looming over the Himalayas, threatening isolation in the lives of the monks and local residents, and discouraging tourists. 

Monks at the Tnagyud Gompa Buddhist monastery are preparing to fight the isolation caused by extreme cold. They are piling up food, dry vegetables, fuel, and other human necessities. 

Tnagyud Gompa Buddhist monastery sits 18,000 feet above sea level on the Himalayas in Komik in Northern India, where snow can leave the monks in complete confinement for seven months a year. 

Currently, around 20 monks live in the monastery. 

The residents of the monastery are spending their days with daily chores and regular prayers while preparing for the upcoming winter season.  

As winter approaches, the number of visitors and monks will decrease since it snows heavily on Himalayas during winter. In the recent years, snowfall has been unpredictable due to climate change which has effected the lives of the people in the villages and monks at the monastery.