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Do not try this: The hot water challenge

  • Published at 01:30 pm August 4th, 2018
"The Hot Water Challenge"
A 15 -year -old got a third degree burn after his friends do "The Hot Water Challenge"

It is amazing how pouring boiling water on anyone or drinking it, is trying to be a trend

The United States is the hotbed of countless trends – some cool, some not so cool. The “ice bucket challenge” and the “mannequin challenge” were fine, but the “tide pods challenge” and the “condom challenge” showed the world just how reckless and mindless people could be for internet fame. The ongoing “Kiki challenge” has already caused a number of accidents.

And now here comes perhaps the dumbest challenge of all time, the “hot water challenge.”

People are pouring boiling hot water on others or themselves as a “prank” on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. This trend has caused a serious among the teens in the United States. 

The origins of this challenge and why it is a thing remains unknown. A 15-year-old from Indiana was grievously injured last week when a bunch of his friends thought it would be cool to do this challenge, while he was asleep. 

The teenager was left with second-degree burns.

Another version of this challenge involves drinking boiling water. An eight-year-old girl from Florida died after she was challenged by her friend to drink boiling water. 

Pouring scalding hot water on the skin above is never a good idea and there is absolutely no reason to do so. It should never go anywhere near your skin, much less inside your mouth. We urge everyone to steer clear of the hot water challenge. Please, do not try this, anywhere, with anyone