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Photographer rescues student from police during protest

  • Published at 08:42 pm August 2nd, 2018
Female photographer
Saraben Turin, a freelance photographer rescued a student from the violent police officers Screen shot is taken from the video

A video footage shows a group of policemen dragging a Dhaka College student away, and interrupted by a group of photographers

Student protests have spread like wildfire across the capital this week, and people came together to show their solidarity with the students from the very first day of the ongoing protest. 

Photos and videos of the protest have gone viral on social media but amidst all the photos and videos, one of the many particular videos that stands out is from the moment it was posted online on July 31. 

The video shows two female photographers rescuing a college student from the police officers near Science Labratory area in Dhanmondi. 

Saraben Turin, a freelance photographer and engineer was one of the photographers involved in bailing out a student from a group of police.

When contacted, she told the Dhaka Tribune: “I came to Science Laboratory from TSC with my friends to support the students.”

The photographer stated that the students were stopping buses near Dhaka College to check if the drivers had licence. 

“Suddenly some police officers appeared out of nowhere — they charged the students, began to slap them, and dragged them towards the police vans,” Saraben continued.

The video footage shows a group of policemen dragging a Dhaka College student away. 

“We were incensed to witness such absurd behaviour, and asked the police to let him go,” she further added. 

Saraben said the police released the student after a heated argument.