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Real life India heist puts Bollywood films to shame

  • Published at 11:54 am July 31st, 2018
Representation photo from Bigstock/ Logos of Airbnb and Olx
A collage of a representation photo from Bigsotck and collected logos of Airbnb and Olx

A group of five Colombians committed a series of burglaries in Bengaluru using modern-day technology

Five Colombians were arrested on July 18 by the Bengaluru police for committing at least five high-profile burglaries with finesse that beats most film scripts. 

The team comprises of Jose Eduardo Arivalo Burbano, Gustavo Adolpho Jaramillo Giraldo, Yair Alberto Sanchez alias Rozer Smith Duarte, Eduardo Alexis Garcia Peramo, and his girlfriend Kimberly Guiterrez, reports Indian Express. 

An investigation revealed that the Colombians became acquainted with each other at a restaurant in Mexico around five months ago, before they struck a plan to visit India on tourist visas to carry out burglaries.

Their cunning plans using technology outshines any Bollywood heist movie. 

The gang purchased three vehicles from a used-car shop. They would dispose the cars on the Indian e-commerce site Olx after using them for burglaries.

They would scout out empty apartments and parking lots and mark targets using GPS tools. They would later locate the homes they had marked and return to carry out their burglaries using sophisticated tools.

Kimberly would ring the door bells of the selected apartments and make sure no one was inside. She would then notify her gang members about the vacancy through a walkie-talkie. 

During the operation, three men would carry out the burglary while Kimberly, wearing head scarves and spectacles, stood guard outside the house. The fifth gang member was the getaway driver, waiting in a car at a safe distance. 

Three of the gang members stayed at a fully-furnished duplex villa in Bengaluru. They rented it from a British resident through Airbnb. 

The gang is suspected to have stolen property worth approximately Rs8 million between June and early July, mostly in the form of jewellery and expensive watches. Later, they would melt the jewellery and create gold bars before attempting to sell the loot according to the police.