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McDonald’s server body slams customer after assault

  • Published at 12:50 pm July 28th, 2018
Customer gets slammed
Customer getting slammed by employee at McDonlad's

A customer in Las Vegas threw milkshake at a McDonald’s waitress which led to a thorough beating

A video of a scuffle between a McDonald’s server and a waitress was posted by Nevada resident Marie Dayag on Instagram and Facebook, who said the fight started when the customer tried to put soda in a free water cup.

The customer threw a milkshake at the employee.

As the staff member marched toward her; the customer picked up a metal tray and hit her in the head with it.

The staff held the customer by the hair and began to slam her head repeatedly on a table.

She told her: “My momma ain’t dead, you respect my momma.” 

It is not clear what this is in reference to. 

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The two were eventually separated, but the customer tried to renew the fight in earnest.

Earlier this week, a server at a Georgia pizzeria body slammed a customer who groped her.