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Indian politican claims Humayun asked Babur to respect cows to rule India

  • Published at 06:06 pm July 26th, 2018
Madan Lal
BJP leader Madan Lal SainiTimes Now

BJP leader Madan Lal became an instant ‘madan’ (fool) for his remarks on Mughal emperors during a public meeting

Rajasthan based BJP leader Madan Lal Saini claimed that Humayun advised Babur to respect cows, Brahmin, and women if he wanted to rule India, according to a report in Times Now.

The BJP leader seemed in on the know about Humayun’s advice to Babur. Unfortunately, he forgot that Babur died almost 25 years before Humayun.

On Wednesday, during a meeting in Jaipur, Madan said: "When Humayun was dying, he called Babur and told him, 'if you want to rule India then keep three things in mind: cows, women, and Brahmins. There should be no attempt to insult them. India will not tolerate it.” 

Madan’s history blooper has been highlighted in several media outlets. However, the leader’s speech only reflected his poor history knowledge especially about the Mughal Empire founded by Babur in the Indian sub-continent. 

Babur died in 1531, and his son Humayun died in 1556.

He has been hilariously mocked on Twitter for his comment.  

While another Twitter user said: “Maybe the Mughals had a time machine.”