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Why peeing on streets during rain is a bad idea

  • Published at 02:46 pm July 23rd, 2018
What goes around, comes around. Sometimes even as a wave of water you peed in | D2 Desk

What goes down, might also come back up, sometimes in huge waves

We understand that sometimes the call of nature can be difficult to resist. Even so, it is hard to condone public urination.

A Vietnamese man, possibly not thinking clearly, thought peeing on the road during the rain would be a good idea. Most people would face away from the road, not face the road itself.

The fellow perhaps expected that the only splash would be that of his own making. But as karma tends to preach "what goes around, comes around," a truck drove past him, drenching him with the same water he was peeing in. 

Definitely not the splash he was anticipating. 

Public urination is a major problem in Bangladesh and other South Asian countries.