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Razor ad featuring hairy women wins over social media

  • Published at 02:24 pm July 1st, 2018
  • Last updated at 02:40 pm July 1st, 2018
A woman shows off her hairy armpit in new Billie Razor advertUnsplash

Razor company Billie shows hairy women in their new commercial, which has since gone viral

We are used to seeing women glide razors across smooth, hairless legs in ads for women’s razors. US razor brand “Billie” has developed their new campaign “Project Body Hair" to break the norm.

Their new advertisement features women proudly displaying their body hair including unibrows, arm pits, and everything in between.

The advert has been praised on social media since its release. 

“It’s the first ad to feature hairy women in 100 years and the advert has gone viral as a result,” Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley told the Glamour Magazine.  

"When brands pretend that all women have hairless bodies, it's a version of body-shaming."

On social media, many women appreciated the campaign for showing off hairy female toes, armpits, monobrows and stomachs.

The brand has also launched an online campaign featuring images of women showing their natural beauty. Those photos can be found on the photo stock site “Unsplash”. 

However, the advert has been facing a fair amount of backlash. People on social media have been asking why a razor company is trying to reduce taboos around body hair, as it seems contradictory.

Billie has an answer for those who are against shaving body hair. In the advert, Billie addresses the issue with a line: "If and when you feel like shaving, we're here."