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Clickbait 101: Banking on Shakib’s good name

  • Published at 02:48 pm June 15th, 2018

A throwaway remark about dating Shakib being highlighted to promote a video has infuriated a lot of people on social media

A YouTube video has been getting incredible flak from its audience over misleading (read clickbait) content.

The video preview and thumbnail is titled “Shakib Al Hasan’s Ex & Her Bad Friend, Methila & Mahi!” while its actual title is “The Controversial Models Methila & Mahi! – The Interview w/ChotoAzad”; the subtle lack of Shakib’s name in the title and most of the video has outright infuriated social media users.

After just five days, the video has been seen 165,134 times with 16,000 dislikes and just 3,800 likes.

The topmost comment sums up the anger:

“Why he mentioned Shakib's name in this interview's title? Was it his target to make views by using Shakib's name? Such a lame guy !! Poor attention seeker :3 Mane ta daray jara interview dite esheche tader kono porichoy nei tai Shakib Al Hasan er naam niye show take popular banano :v”

A number of other comments were mostly laced with profanity, fuelled by the outrage.

Nearly six minutes into the video, one of the guests claim to have dated Shakib Al Hasan – which itself is not controversial, but rather how that one topic of conversation in the video is used to promote it and reel in viewers that has incited such a furore.

Later in the video, the two guests admit their biggest prank was going into a men’s washroom (eyes roll, yawn) and filming themselves. During the recording, they slid in their phone into a stall which was occupied by a man who was busy attending to his business (the big job).

The Dhaka Tribune received dozens of complaints from people who took umbrage at the video. One Facebook user reached out to the Dhaka Metropolitan Police with a number of concerns: recording someone without consent, posting said recording on a public forum without consent, and promoting indecent content (partial nudity) on mass media.