• Thursday, Nov 14, 2019
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  • Published at 06:06 pm March 20th, 2018
First Officer Prithula Rashid, co-pilot of the ill-fated Flight BS-211, suffered a moment of indignity in the immediate aftermath of her untimely death. Many Bangladeshi condemned her strongly when the initial reports said the US-Bangla Airlines aircraft was being flown by a woman. The reprobates brazenly touted that the airplane crashed because a woman was flying it. Later when it was discovered that a man, Abid Sultan, was piloting the aircraft, the scathing critiques disappeared, but not before concerned citizens documented their sexist, chauvinist, out-of-place, outdated, and outright disgusting posts on Facebook. Several hours after Prithula was laid to rest in the ground, a Facebook page called "Respect For Prithula" appeared to promote an online campaign worldwide to pay respect to the late aviator. The campaign calls for people to post a photo of themselves holding a candle.
As of Tuesday afternoon, the response has been very strong and growing.