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Going against the tide: Traffic police blocks MP from taking wrong side of the road

  • Published at 09:50 pm November 20th, 2017

When it comes to following the law, government officials of Bangladesh, especially those in parliament, usually enjoy a certain liberty. Afraid of losing their jobs, law enforcement officials hardly stop them from breaking the rules. However, in the early hours of Monday, one traffic police member decided he had had enough. He was on duty at Bailey Road-Shantinagar intersection when a member of parliament's car attempted to enter the one-way Bailey Road from the wrong side. When the traffic police stopped the SUV, the driver kept insisting to let him enter the road. As the police member did not budge, the MP himself got down from the vehicle and started arguing with him. However, before he could force the traffic police to cave in, their argument had already drawn in a good number of onlookers, many of whom had already started recording the whole episode with their smartphones. One of those onlookers posted his video on a Dhaka-based Facebook group named Traffic Alert, which has now been viewed by thousands of Facebook users. The video shows the lawmaker, who turned out to be Jatiya Party leader Selim Uddin, elected from Sylhet 5 constituency, backing off and getting away from the scene after noticing people recording his argument with the traffic police. The traffic police has been hailed for standing his ground and not letting an MP have his way using his position in the government. The Dhaka Tribune could not identify the traffic police.