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Mubashar's ex-wife: Let him come back to our daughter

  • Published at 10:32 pm November 15th, 2017
  • Last updated at 12:15 am November 16th, 2017
Mubashar's ex-wife: Let him come back to our daughter
“Many of Mubashar’s friends are anxiously waiting for his return, some are demanding punishment of those involved in his ‘enforced disappearance,’ but I want neither trial nor punishment of anybody. All I want is Mubashar getting back to our little daughter,” Dr Mubashar Hasan's ex-wife said in a statement shared on his [Mubashar’s] sister’s Facebook account on Tuesday. “Let him come back. He will no longer write anything anywhere, nor will he use Facebook and blog,” the woman lamented. The teacher of North South University’s School of Arts and Social Sciences is the founder of alochonaa.com, a politics, culture and IR blog. He used to write on politics, religion, terrorism and media perceptions on the blog, as well as for several national newspapers and online news portals.
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Mubashar has not returned since he left home in South Banasree for office on November 7 around 7am. His father Motaher Hasan filed a general diary (GD) with Khilgaon police the same day and said that he last spoke to his son around 4pm on that day, when Mubashar told him he would be going to Agargaon to keep an appointment. His ex-wife also said that through Mubashar and she were separated, they had been maintaining indirect contact with each other for the sake of their daughter.
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“I told my daughter that her father went abroad for academic purposes. Usually, she never asks me any questions about when her father would return home, because Mubashar used to inform her when he would go abroad and when would return. But my daughter is now asking me why this time is different; why her father did not inform her anything before travelling abroad,” she added. She said her daughter has eagerly been waiting for some toys and a party from her father for her birthday, to be observed this month. The otherwise jolly girl now seems quite tense and barely speaks to anyone, her mother added. When contacted, Mubashar’s sister Tamanna Tasmin declined to disclose anything else about the six-year old girl. Asked about their steps to bring him back, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal told journalists that law enforcers were actively trying to trace Mubashar's location.