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NY fifth graders on a mission to help Bangladeshi children with eye problems

  • Published at 05:39 pm November 14th, 2017

Two fifth graders from Saint John Vianney School in New York, stepsisters Marian Listen and Claire Hoop, are on a mission to collect eyeglasses from the US and donate them for less fortunate children in Bangladesh, reports news station WZZM13 The children have so far collected over 300 pair of glasses, having made rounds in and outside of their school. "We are collecting glasses to bring to Bangladesh," said Marian. "It's really cool to have students to think this up," she added. Both sisters are acutely aware of how problematic impaired vision can be, being wearers of eyeglasses themselves. Marian and Claire will be leaving for Bangladesh to donate the glasses to a children’s home on November 13. They will return a week later, after completing their mission. Marian said: “They (the less fortunate in Bangladesh) don't always have money to buy eye care for their kids, or even themselves," said Marian. "It's a lot cheaper to just buy lenses," said Claire. "Even if the lenses don't fit, they can still use the frames." "It makes me feel good because I know that God is calling me to do this and I'm doing it for people," she added. This is not the first time the step-sisters have volunteered and gone out of the country. Claire said: "One year, we went to Belize for Thanksgiving. We went to this school there and made Thanksgiving dinner for all the students." The efforts of these budding humanitarians are only made more enjoyable for them by the fact that they can pursue their goals together. “It's more fun doing it together than doing it by yourself,” Claire said.