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You know ‘Bangla’ liquor, did you know about Bengali beer?

  • Published at 12:41 pm October 23rd, 2017
You know ‘Bangla’ liquor, did you know about Bengali beer?
Yes, yes, we all know about “Bangla” liquor and the gem that is associated with it – Carew. But are you aware that a Brooklyn-based brewery has been churning out a beer called “Bengali” since 2014. An Indian Pale Ale (IPA) with just 6.6% alcohol content, “Bengali” is one of the more popular products engineered by Sixpoint, a craft brewery working out of Brooklyn, New York. Online reviews from individual users and news outlets like the Boston Globe, all unequivocally describe the beer as nothing short of a product of pure genius.
The name “Bengali” comes from the orange hue of the beer, topped off by the white foam – which immediately evoked the brewers of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The beer was originally called Bengal Tiger when it first came out in 2004, but later shortened to just Bengali in 2014 when it was reinvented as a product made by hipsters for hipsters. It looks brilliant, to be dreadfully honest. We cannot, of course, account for the taste since it is not available outside the United States yet.
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The beer has been described to be bitter, but clean, with rich flavours emanating from the beer produced from quality single-source hops. Where most industrial beers use hops clumped together from different sources, Sixpoint brews get their hops from the same farms, and if possible, from the same plot of land. Of course, the beer remains limited to the US for now, but its fan following is quite prominent in the UK, Australia, India and other countries with a Bangalee diaspora. Perhaps it is the hops, or perhaps it is a sense of relating to “Bengali” that numerous Indian sites reviewing the beer have been clamouring for a taste.