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Video of Indian doctors arguing during surgery goes viral

  • Published at 11:09 am August 31st, 2017
Video of Indian doctors arguing  during surgery goes viral
Two doctors were temporarily suspended from their duties following an outrage that has escalated from a viral video footage of both the doctors arguing during surgery in India’s north Rajasthan. [arve url="https://www.youtube.com/embed/-IWbV0NPzcQ" /] The video footage that has been widely circulated across media and online was shot at the Umaid Hospital in Jodhpur. The video shows two doctors insulting each other in Hindi over whether the patient had eaten before surgery, while a pregnant patient was on the surgery bed. After the video was released online, many media reports claimed the pregnant patient pictured in the video gave birth to a baby who did not survive but a senior hospital official told the BBC that the woman and her baby are fine. Dr Ranjana Desai, the superintendent of Umaid Hospital said: “A baby did die, but not the one the media reported, she said. “A few feet away, on another operating table within the same room, a different woman gave birth to a stillborn baby. "These two incidents are not linked," she added. Dr Ranjana also said: "By the time I saw the video and conducted an internal inquiry, the media had already reported that this baby had died," The source of the leaked video is still unclear, but the official confirmed that it came from within the hospital, the hospital is collecting statements from staff to find out who shot the video and how it was leaked. Dr Ranjana identified the two doctors as Dr Ashok Nanival and Dr Mathura Lal Tak. She said the hospital has been conducting an internal inquiry for which both the doctors were temporarily released from their duties but were not formally suspended. The Rajasthan High Court has ordered the hospital to submit a report, while they proceed with a separate state level investigation into the incident.