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Merkel’s epic eye-roll at Putin during G20 wins internet fame

  • Published at 12:15 pm July 9th, 2017
  • Last updated at 12:16 pm July 9th, 2017
Merkel’s epic eye-roll at Putin during G20 wins internet fame
A video footage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel rolling her eyes at her Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during the G20 summit has been shared across the internet with a tint of humour. Merkel’s expression caused much hilarity after she was caught on camera depicting she was at the verge of losing patience in a conversation with Putin on Friday. There are two videos that have become viral, one in which Putin continues to explain something using a hand gesture, when Merkel rolls her eyes at him, reports the Slate. But Merkel’s expression attained most internet popularity when the moment which appeared to be an evident case of mansplaining was tweeted. In a longer video, the duo appears to discuss the flight pattern of ballistic missiles, which is a central issue at the meeting following North Korea’s missile launch on Tuesday. In this video, Merkel was demonstrating a the flight pattern of the missile with her hand gesture when she was interrupted by Putin, who appears to disapprove Merkel’s explanation by shaking his head and explains it again with his own hand motion. According to Cosmopolitan, the captured eye roll conveyed an expression of "will this man stop explaining to me things I already know". The photographers also shot a picture of Merkel covering her face with her hands as she encountered US President Donald Trump, describing a moment of despair, which the rest of the world could relate to too. Putin's know it all expression was a highlight but Merkel's eye roll seized most of the internet’s attention. However, she already gained internet fame for a similar a photo shot a day earlier with her hilarious facial expressions during the highly anticipated handshake with Trump.