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The feline protectors of art

  • Published at 02:08 pm June 13th, 2017
  • Last updated at 02:15 pm June 13th, 2017
The feline protectors of art
Only in Russia can one expect to see such a sight. The Hermitage Museum in Russia is one of the biggest art museums in the world, with only a fraction of its 3 million pieces on display. And, like any other art museum, they have a rodent problem. Fortunately, the museum has found an innovative solution for its troubles – cats. Author David A Wolfe shared a video about the cats on his official Facebook account on Tuesday. Stray cats have been known to be used by the museum since 1764 to take care of rodents in the basement and attic. In total, around 50-60 cats can be seen prowling the museum grounds at any given time. The guards do not work for free however – 3 people are assigned to feed the cats and take care of them 24/7. When the population becomes too much to handle, the museum also works with people looking to adopt cats to find homes for them. Next time you stroll into the must-see Heritage museum, be sure to tip your hat at the feline guards patrolling the hallways in service of protecting priceless art.