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A pea-culiar courtship

  • Published at 09:05 pm May 19th, 2017
A pea-culiar courtship
Disclaimer: The following story is not an awful 90s Bollywood movie script, where persistent horny guys keep stalking gorgeous female lead characters , until the heroine gives in and starts dating the “hero”. Some will argue that the following gem of a story bears strong similarities with such scripts.
A peacock in Canada (the proverbial persistent Bollywood stalker) abandoned the freedom of wilderness to find love with a domestic turkey (the frightened lead character from the aforementioned story). According to the owner of the turkey, this hopeless, one-sided saga has been going on for the last five years. Both the peacock, Fred, and the turkey, Gertie, co-habitate on a farm in Metchosin in the British Columbia region. According to Mark Hogeweide, Gertie’s owner, Fred showed up five years ago out of nowhere. Since then, Mark has been trying to get Gertie to return Fred’s love. However, Gertie’s son Tom (the villain of the script), foiled all of Fred's attempts. Further insulting Fred’s passion, Mark said Gertie simply isn't interested in Fred, despite the peacock's ostentatious attempts to woo her. “I was concerned about Fred’s well-being,” said Mark. “He had the wrong ideas about turkeys, so I thought maybe I should get him a peahen.” According to the Canadian television, Mark is getting Fred a peahen soon and hopes he will eventually fall in love again. On a side note: the peahen is going to be named Freddie.