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Hassle-free fish skinning? Check

  • Published at 12:38 pm May 4th, 2017
  • Last updated at 05:33 pm May 4th, 2017
Hassle-free fish skinning? Check
The Skinzit Electric Fish Skinner is an innovative invention to make life a little easier for fish lovers. The Parks and Kielian brothers became a sensation when they came up with the Skinzit Electric Fish Skinner, which quickly removes the skin and rib bones from a fish fillet without wasting any flesh. Perry Parks, Eric Parks, Chris Keilian and Brian Kielian started the company Ultimate Fishing Gear Inc and launched Skinzit in 2014, reports the Bellevue Leader. The tool makes skinning fish easier and does not have any sharp blade, which means it is safer and more convenient. A video of the Skinzit Electric Fish Skinner first became viral in 2015. Later, several Facebook pages posted the video, leading to 30 million views across social media. The viral video magically boosted the sales of the product. It was mostly sold online. The brainchild of Skinzit was instigated 40 years ago. Perry and Eric Parks grew up fishing during the 1970s in Okoboji, Iowa. The Parks brothers were into fishing since childhood. Their father, Jon Parks, originally came up with the idea of a way to skin fish using a grill rotisserie, but nothing ever came of it. After Jon died in 2007, the Parks brothers were determined to bring their father’s idea to life. The Parks asked Chris Kielian to join their new business and Chris brought his brother, Brian, along to go into business. But the journey of putting life into a perfect design was not that easy. It took them four years. The design looked similar to a curling iron. They paid an engineering firm to develop the product and finally came up with the perfect invention.