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Watch: Stray cat becomes live TV broadcaster

  • Published at 08:00 am October 21st, 2016
  • Last updated at 09:23 am October 21st, 2016

[youtube id="MUXK1avS9vY"] A stray cat accidentally became a television and social media star after wandering into a studio in Turkey. The cat trespassed during the show "Good Morning Denizli," presented by Kudret Çelebioğlu, which is a live broadcast on local station DRT, reports The Telegraph. The stray initially stood on a chair and peeked up, with its paws on the desk, distracting the presenter. It then wandered across the desk, and at one point looked straight at the camera as if it was co-presenting the show. The cat then sat on the laptop of the presenter, who carried on talking unfazed as the animal interrupted his show. The Telegraph reports that the cat has now been named Hüsnü and been adopted by one of the station's staff. Hüsnü has charmed social media users across the world, and tweets featuring the cat have had up to 1,000 retweets each.