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Rescued on the Swiss Alps by a Cat

  • Published at 02:36 pm September 1st, 2016

A Hungarian climber lost his way while he was hiking down the mountains in Gimmelwald, Switzerland, and the expected route back was closed. The climber was alone and since it was the end of the ski season the lifts were not operating and many of the trails had be closed. He had sprained his ankle and had become disoriented and lost his way when a ray of hope appeared from a most unexpected source. As he sat to catch his breath after a hike a cat wandered up to him. She walked off a little ahead and looked back as if she expected him to follow. Noticing her strange behavior, the man decided to follow her. She led him straight down to the path that would lead back to the village of Gimmelwald, where he was staying, reports the Independent. Further sources report that other climbers have noticed the same cat on the hiking trail. It later came to be found that the cat belonged to a local couple who owned a hostel nearby.