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Alleged IS documents show internal frustrations

  • Published at 06:38 pm September 1st, 2016
  • Last updated at 06:39 pm September 1st, 2016

These papers were initially acquired by the Syrian rebel group called Ahmed Abdo Brigade, which gets weapons and financial aid from the United States and other Western and Arab countries who are members of the “Friends of Syria” coalition. The documents contain salary invoices and additional records of expenses spent on IS fighters and their dependents around a year ago. They also reveal the kind of bureaucratic measures the IS leaders take “to regulate everything from the requisition of weapons and ammunition to the allowance of vacation time.” According to Ahmad Abdo spokesperson Maher al-Hamdan, all of these documents were recovered from a dead military commander called Abu Ali al-Iraqi who died during an insurgency between Ahmad Abdo and IS fighters around the Syrian-Jordanian border on June 8 this year. The documents are essentially “correspondence between other IS officials and are embarrassing to a messianic movement.” The Daily Beast report also gives details about an unsigned letter, addressed to the wali or governor of IS's Damascus province, that reveals “an obvious failure of counterintelligence” in Dumayr city. The letter entails details of an emir named Hudhaifa al-Ghoutani, who was a double agent and is regarded as a “murtad” or apostate, because he “gathered all the [IS] military leaders inside the area for the pretext of the military and security work against the sahawat [other Islamists], while at the same time he was coordinating secretly with the sahawat in order to assassinate all leaders with mines/explosive devices that he was placing in the meeting place.” The letter mentions that al-Ghoutani had escaped to where the sahawat are and stole $6,500, a camera, plastic explosives, circuits, a 8.5mm pistol, two (Sarukh- Russian-type) rifles, 1,500 Russian bullets and seven hand grenades.” Reportedly, when IS’s general security officer Abu al-Yaman came to know of this “breach,” he halted all the IS “finances and logistics to the rest of the security officers in the area.” The rest of the jihadist fighters finished the remaining work with “whatever simple capabilities that were available to them.” There are other details of the failure of IS counterintelligence in The Daily Beast report.