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Cambodian PM fined for riding motorbike without helmet

  • Published at 10:49 pm June 24th, 2016
  • Last updated at 12:58 pm June 25th, 2016
Cambodian PM fined for riding motorbike without helmet
Police in Cambodia have slapped Prime Minister Hun Sen with a 15,000 riel (about US$3.75) fine for violating traffic rules. He did not wear a helmet when riding motorcycle, which was later found to be without a number plate, during a visit to the Koh Kong province on June 18, reports Khmer Times. Srae Ambel district traffic police officer Sun Nem, who issued the fine, said he was merely doing his job. “He didn’t do something wrong seriously, just didn’t wear a helmet and the motorcycle had no number-plate. So I had to fine him to follow the traffic law,” he said, adding that the motorcycle owner was also fined. “I have a role to enforce the traffic law for everyone properly. So whether you are powerful, poor, rich, small or high-ranking, if you break the law, you must be punished the same by the law.” Hun Sen wrote on his Facebook page that he had accepted the fine and that he would like to pay for himself and the motorcycle owner, who was fined the same amount. “I predicted that even though I apologised, the police still fined me because I committed a fault,” he said. “I am responsible for the fine of myself and the owner of the motorbike, though his bike had no number-plate. I am doing that just to help him and let him get the number-plate after that,” the prime minister added. “I appreciate Koh Kong province’s Srae Ampel district police who implement the law without discrimination and with independence and without any fear of powerful people, including the prime minister.”