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Trip to the opera

  • Published at 05:38 pm April 26th, 2016

Opera has recently added its very own VPN to its browsers for anonymous internet browsing, and it's completely free. We're already aware of the various options given to you by third party apps that offer you the privacy for a certain price. And for those that are free, simply limit your browsing, which can make your Internet use a pain in the back side. Ridiculous enough, there are VPNs out there that have hidden costs after you've installed them.

Now with Opera, you'll be able to enjoy a free and unlimited VPN with the browser. This might come as a shocker for many to be given a VPN with no extra charge and smooth browsing. The reason for the surprise is that not many of us actually have the need to use a VPN. Most developers and avid users of the Internet might find it convenient now. However, Opera isn't as big as Chrome, Firefox or Safari. This makes us wonder if Opera is aiming to haul in more web clients to download their own brand of browser that now allows users to surf the web safely.

For those who are drawing a blank, a VPN is a browser extension that makes it more difficult for governments and hackers to monitor your web traffic. Now that you've understood that clearly, perhaps there will be more downloads of Opera after all. In most cases, desktops and laptops usually have more than one browser installed into the hard drives. While one is used as the main hub or used the most, the secondary (or even a third) is always there has a solid backup. We can never be too safe when it comes to the Internet just as in life, so taking the new Opera for a spin might not be a waste and definitely worth the try.