Savar rose farmers eye massive sale

Upazila agriculture officials hope flowers worth Tk20 crore will be sold this season

The Birulia Union at Savar is known as Golap Gram or the village of roses because rose gardening has become the primary income source for most of the residents in the last couple of years. 

With the Pahela Phalgun and Valentine's Day nearing and the demands rising high, the farmers and wholesalers are spending time collecting and packing flowers.

As the yield is better this year, the growers are busy tending the garden hoping for extra profit. The Upazila Agriculture Office has set a target of selling flowers worth Tk20 crore this season.

Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

During a visit to Birulia, this reporter found red roses adorning the gardens of several villages, including Shyampur, Bagnibari, Maistapara and Sadullahpur. The red color of the roses has brought extraordinary beauty to nature.

Every day, thousands of visitors enjoy nature's pure beauty and buy fresh roses from the gardens.

A visitor named Tanya Akhter said: “I saw the beauty of Golap Gram on social media. I had planned to come here long ago, and today, I have come to see Golapgram with my family. It is not possible to explain the feeling. Roses and roses are only across vast areas.”

Another visitor named Shariful Islam said that the beauty of this place filled his mind. Again, the price of roses here is much lower than in the shops. 

Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

Sakibul Hasan, a flower grower in Shyampur area, said: “I have planted a garden on three bighas of land. I can pick 500-600 roses from each bigha. This time, the yield has been excellent.” 

Currently, the roses cost Tk3-4 per piece from the garden. “I am selling flowers worth Tk10,000 daily. It will rise to Tk2-3 rupees during the celebrrrations,” he added.

Savar Upazila Agriculture Officer Naziat Ahmed said different types of roses are cultivated on 280 hectares of land in some villages of Birulia Union.

Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

“This year, the yield of roses in Birulia has been very good. In other years, flowers worth Tk10-12 crore are sold in a season of 7-8 months. But this year, we have set a target of selling flowers worth about Tk20 crore,” she added.