Minister: Govt strives to end tobacco cultivation in Bangladesh

Realizing the dangers of tobacco, the Honorable Prime Minister announced to eradicate tobacco use from Bangladesh by 2040, says Md Shahab Uddin

Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Md Shahab Uddin has said that his ministry will try its best to stop tobacco cultivation considering the serious damage to public health and environment. 

Mentioning the need to give incentives to tobacco farmers for cultivating alternative agricultural products, the minister said that everyone should work together to stop tobacco farming as a threat to the environment, climate change, public health and economy.

He was speaking as the chief guest at the discussion meeting on the topic of creating a tobacco-free Bangladesh by 2040 announced by the Prime Minister and the harmful effects of tobacco on the environment and climate change, organized at the Dhaka Ahsania Mission Auditorium in Dhanmondi on Sunday.

The minister also said that non-governmental organizations should continue their support and cooperation in the government's tobacco control work.

“Realizing the dangers of tobacco, the prime minister announced to eradicate tobacco use from Bangladesh by 2040,” he said.

“In order to implement this visionary announcement of the prime minister, the Environment Ministry will provide maximum cooperation in passing further amendments to the Tobacco Control Act at the initiative of the Ministry of Health. All must work together and more proactively to make the country smoke-free and protect future generations of the country through tobacco control,” he added.