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Study: Bangladesh has second-worst roads in Asia

  • Published at 05:17 PM February 28, 2018
  • Last updated at 12:14 AM March 01, 2018
Study: Bangladesh has second-worst roads in Asia
A road in Basabo, Dhaka is far from being usable by pedestrians, much less vehicles Focus Bangla

Nepal has the worst roads in Asia, followed by Bangladesh

According to the Global Competitiveness Index of 2017-2018, Bangladesh has the second-worst roads in Asia.

Rajib Dhar

The index has a score of 1-7. Bangladesh scored just 3.1 for quality of roads, a subsection under infrastructure. In terms of overall infrastructure, Bangladesh scored worse with 2.9, the second-worst among Asian countries.

Focus Bangla

The only country below Bangladesh is Nepal – which has a dismal 2.8 score and is prone to earthquakes, floods, and landslides.

Off-road vehicles are the primary means of transport in Himalayan mountain roads Bigstock

The best roads in Asia belong to Singapore which has a score of 6.3 out of 7.


Traffic on a road in Chinatown of Singapore Bigstock

The index, as prepared by the World Economic Forum, is part of an annual report which examines a wide range of variables to rank countries in terms of competitiveness in the global context.

The entire report is attached below:

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