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What $10 or less gets you in Bangladesh

What $10 or less gets you in Bangladesh
Drew Binsky at the Lalbagh Fort in Old Dhaka during his trip Collected

What can you get for $10 (approx. Tk800) or less in Bangladesh? Renowned travel blogger Drew Binsky visited Bangladesh earlier in the week and he offers his personal findings in Dhaka.

Drew has visited over 95 countries since 2012 and plans to visit every country before he turns 30.

As a personal experience, Drew’s list is an interesting tip for travellers on a budget and us locals who often forget to savour what the country has to offer.

– Chicken masala and naan – Tk120 ($1.49)

– Rickshaw ride – Tk20 ($0.28)

– Ticket to Panam city – Tk100 ($1.33)

– Sunglasses from New Market – Tk150 ($1.87)

– A book (Chicken Soup For The Soul) from Nilkhet – Tk120 ($1.5)

– Mutton leg roast and polao – Tk180 ($2.25)

– A refreshing coconut from the roadside – Tk30 ($0.38)

– A plate of fuchka– Tk30 ($0.38)

– A cup of tea from a roadside tea stall – Tk20 ($0.25)

– A bottle of water – Tk20 ($0.25)

Drew of course became rapidly familiar with the traffic heritage of Bangladesh as well as the architectural marvels.

Drew logs his worldwide travel experience on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

What do you think you can get for $10 (approx. Tk800) in Bangladesh? Tell us in text or pictures or videos.

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